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Gregory Finney

Baron Zeta
The Merry Widow

A   masterclass in irrepressible, over-the-top physical comedy" (Opera Going   Toronto), the “delightful” (OperaCanada) Cape Breton Baritone Gregory   Finney is overjoyed to be returning to TOT playing one of his dream   roles. A Dora Award-winner (#ATGMessiah) and nominee (Figaro's Wedding),   Gregory’s “big, surprising voice” (   hosts ATG’s monthly Opera Pub and has performed shows like Die Zauberflöte  (Papageno), Don Giovanni (Leporello), Street Scene (Abraham   Kaplan), Cendrillon (Maitre de Plaisirs), Die Fledermaus  (Orlofsky), The Merry Widow (Baron Zeta), The Chocolate Soldier  (Popoff), HMS Pinafore (Sir Joseph), The Csárdàs Princess  (Feri), The Gondoliers (Plaza Toro)  the Canadian Premiere of Jerry   Springer: The Opera and Taylor in the World Premiere of A Northern   Lights Dream. Also a director, he’s helmed productions of Nozze di   Figaro (2022) and Carmen (2023) X: @gregory_finney; Instagram:   @giggyhertz

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